Seminar on Electronic Records “Digital Preservation: Are We on the Right Track?”, National Archives of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 12 August 2015

  1. Advocacy And Legal Implication on Digital Records and Archives
  2. Case Study- Admissibility of Digital Records as Legal Evidence in Malaysia | Persentation Slide | Paper
  3. Digital Curation-Encountering the Never Ending Challenges of Preserving Digital Information Objects
  4. Elucidating the Risk of Digital Resources in Broadcasting Agencies
  5. E-records Preservation of National Archives Centers in Vietnam-Situation and Proposed Solution
  6. Experience of the National Archives of the Philippines on the Digitization of Records | Presentation Slide | Paper
  7. Legal Perspectives on Digital Preservation- A Thailand Case Study | Presentation Slide | Paper
  8. Lessons Learned - Digitization Project at the National Archives of Malaysia 
  9. Providing Access to Digital Archives-Indonesian Experience
  10. Workflow for Digital Preservation