1st EXECUTIVE BOARD 1968 - 1971

2nd EXECUTIVE BOARD 1971 - 1973

3rd EXECUTIVE BOARD 1973 - 1975

4th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1975 - 1978

5th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1978 - 1981

6th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1981 - 1984

7th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1984 - 1987

8th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1987 - 1990

9th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1990 - 1993

10th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1993 - 1995

11th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1995 - 1997

12th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1997 - 1999

13th EXECUTIVE BOARD 1999 - 2002

14th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2002 - 2004

15th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2004 - 2006

16th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2006 - 2008

17th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2008 - 2010

18th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2010 - 2012

19th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2012 - 2014

20th EXECUTIVE BOARD 2014 - 2016

21st EXECUTIVE BOARD 2016 - 2018

22nd EXECUTIVE BOARD 2018 - 2020



  • The Executive Board shall be elected by the General Conference from among the delegates appointed by the national members. It shall consist of a chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary-General and a Treasurer, and as many other members as necessary to represent each country on the Executive Board.
  • Members of the Executive Board shall serve from the close of the session of the General Conference with elected them until the close of the next ordinary session. The incumbent officers shall be eligible for re-election to the same office, but shall not serve consecutively for more than two terms in the said same office.
  • In the event of the death or resignation of a member of the Executive Board, the vacancy for the remainder of this term shall be filled bt appointed of the Executive Board after consultation with and upon the recommendation of the national member concerned.


  • The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for the General Conference and shall recommend the programme for work and corresponding budget estimates.
  • The Executive Board shall be responsible for the execution of the programme adopted by the General Conference.
  • The Executive Board shall recommend to the General Conference the admission of new national members to SARBICA.
  • Subject to decisions of the General Conference, the Executive Board shall adopt its own rules of procedure.
  • The Executive Board shall meet in regular session at least once a year and may meet in special session if convoked by the Chairman on his own initiative of upon the request of the majority members of the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board shall send a report on its activities since the last General Conference Assembly of the International Council on Archives to reach the Secretary-General of the International Council on Archives three months before the date fixed for its next General Assembly.
  • The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the International Council on Archives.
  • Although the members of the Executive Board are representatives of their respective Governments, they shall exercise the powers delegated to them by the General Conference on behalf of SARBICA as a whole.


  • The presence of two-thirds of the members at a meeting of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.


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